Kailee Witt


Passion. Experience. Creativity.

Hi! I'm Kailee

Pronounced Ky-lee, but it's okay if you had it wrong, everyone does! I love to design new things, Pinterest for hours, and gather great ideas to try myself. I grew up in the midwest and have lived a few different places since. I have a great husband who brings my DIY ideas to reality, two crazy fun little kids and two, also, crazy fun little dogs.  We recently just bought a house a little out of town that we are going to remodel every inch of, and I can't wait to show you!

I know that planning, decorating, and researching isn't for everyone and it just takes too much time! That is why I love to share the ideas I find and connect with really great people while doing it. 

I have always had a passion for all things creative. From designing houses, designing websites, the many Pinterest projects I have come across and anything that I could sell on my own without the typical 9-5 job. This literally began when I was old enough to talk. I used to "sell" my parents food from the pantry, jewelry bracelets I made, and other random art projects. Entrepreneurship was in my blood!

I decided to stay home once I had my son and work part time for our family business.  But I knew I wanted some more creativity in my life and still wanted that extra cash. That's when I opened my Etsy shop in 2014. It didn't quite go as planned. Actually, I only had 17 sales in TWO YEARS! It was a fun little side job but it wasn't where I wanted it to be because I didn't know all the work that had to go into it. I thought, hey, I can list some items and the "cha chings" will start rolling in.  That was not the case! But I learned and knew I could do better.  That is when I really started growing my shop and learning about all the SEO, tagging, photo quality and all things that go along with a successful shop.  2016 really took off for me starting with 17 sales and ending the year with almost 2,000 sales! Check out my shop HERE! My goal is to keep growing from here while doing what I love. If you're thinking about opening an etsy shop or pursuing any dream of yours just do it, and don't give up!

I hope you enjoy my sharing of the fun ideas and DIY projects that I have tried, or would love to try! Always feel free to contact me for more information or blog posts that you would like to see. I love new ideas or suggestions!

I hope you stick around! And thank you for stopping by!